A quick update on Hipster CEO 2

So you may or may not be aware: I built a tech startup sim for iPhone called Hipster CEO some time ago that proved quite successful and I’ve been working on the sequel for the past few months.

It was due to be released yesterday but unfortunately I missed the deadline (not for the first time).

As you can probably predict its because: the game isn’t ready yet.

However, let me get back to that point very shortly so that I can give you another reason: I need to look after my own personal finances.

Life as an indie games developer is tough and HCEO is 100% bootstrapped.  Whilst I have enough cash to last me a while, I need to make sure I don’t get caught short (and y’know, hungry and homeless). As a result, I have to look for contract work and permanent positions to make HCEO2 a reality. People are psyched for the game (I get mails, tweets, Facetime’s and iMessages asking for updates) and I understand that any delay comes as a disappointment (I remember when Zelda:OOT kept being delayed and it was gruelling).

I apologise for missed deadlines. I won’t apologise for making my personal wellbeing priority one.

However – some good news! The game is not hugely off from being ready for initial launch – we’re definitely talking weeks rather than months. I learnt a lot from the launch of the first game and I’ve spent quite some time tweaking the game mechanics to make sure that the general public’s first experience of the game is as good as possible.

To sum up: apologies for the delay, thank you for your interest and support. And please continue to spread the word of the good ship Hipster.


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