Coming soon: X Factor Predictor 2011

Just a little piece on what I’m working on at the moment.

X Factor Predictor is a mobile app for iOS and Android that will give up to the minute predictions of who is leaving the X Factor every week based on online social activity. Head on over to now and submit your email address for a discount on launch and to be notified of when it’d ready.

The solution to organising my life and work tasks: TeuxDeux

In a previous post I explained how I required an application which helped organise my life in both a personal and professional sense. I’m glad to announce that I think I’ve found an almost perfect solution in the form of TeuxDeux.

TeuxDeux is a simple app where you create tasks for a given day. Tasks that you don’t complete roll over into the next day. A handy feature is the ability to create tasks scheduled for ‘Someday’ which is useful when something needs to get done but doesn’t have a time constraint (so far I’ve used it for blog post ideas).

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The Times They Are A-Changin’

We’re coming to a season of a major change in computing. People use computers in different ways, for different reasons and yet users are forced to interact uniformly with them. Since geeks, like myself, design software we often times assume that our users interact with it in the same way we do. That they understand our terminology, our processes, our methods.

A software developer is not a regular user, Apple knows this.

iOS has been heralded since its inception way back in the introduction of the iPod Touch. People switch on a Touch or an iPhone and instinctively know how to use it. I’m a web developer and I can’t even say that for Windows’ Control Panel.

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Irish graduates: join a startup.

Paddy’s Day 2011 has come and passed. This Irishman did not partake in the festivities having pushed his body to the limit in the week previous. The day off made me to think of St. Patrick Day’s past where I would be quite reasonably drunk at a quite unreasonable hour. March 17th for my final year studying IT in NUIG comes to mind as an exception since I spent most of the day in the computer lab working on my final year project and repeating to myself the mantra “I am never, ever going to work in IT”.

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2011, if I could offer you only one tip for the future, this would be it:

As soon as you leave college, join a startup

There are two well-worn career paths in Ireland for IT graduates, you either

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