Flappy Bird creator pulls app: some people don’t have the bottle

So,┬áDong Nguyen – the guy behind the insanely popular mobile game Flappy Bird, pulled the app which was reportedly making him $50,000 a day in advertising revenue.

It’s not totally clear why he took it down, he tweeted simply saying He “can’t take it anymore”. It would seem that the “it” he is referring to is severely negative feedback and even online death threats. For any budding app developer out there, or any creative for that matter, realise one thing:

Once you release something into the public domain, it’s not yours anymore. And people will be vicious.

I can’t claim to have had anywhere near the level of attention Flappy Bird has received but my app Hipster CEO has sold over 7,000 copies and I’ve received many, many angry emails about bugs and general game mechanics. Hell, in pre-launch marketing someone even told me that they “hope I die” when I pretended to give away the finale to Breaking Bad.

The web is a mean place and people generally type before they think. Best advice? Don’t pay attention. I don’t read reviews or news stories about Hipster CEO (and it’s not hugely popular anymore so that’s not difficult) and I like to think I’ve grown a skin thick enough to withstand any email abuse I may get.

If you don’t think you can do the same you need to seriously consider your future as a professional creative.

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