“Oh shit, we’re here”


Regardless of your ideal job – whether its to play music, design clothes or build cathedrals – you don’t just move straight into it. It’s a slow process that almost impossible to perceive happening. Like a kind of backwards erosion.

As a kid my dream was to play football or make videogames for a living. When I informed someone about this about 8 months ago they were like ‘Well thats great that you made your dream job come true’. I didn’t realise I was making games for a living until that moment.

I’ve enjoyed myself building different types of software over the years that I hadn’t realised that I’d landed in my dream profession. And for me that kinda proves the whole ‘enjoy the journey’ stuff that you often hear spouted.

Building a good career (or relationship, or music record or whatever) is like an engaging conversation on a road trip. You’re enjoying yourself so much that when you arrive at your destination you’re just like ‘Oh shit, we’re here already’.

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

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