Organising my life and work tasks

I’ve been trying several different means to keep my life and work tasks organised.

I’ve tried using a daily text file to maintain a list of tasks that I need to do, such as “Check code into SVN, Pick up groceries”. This is a nice, lightweight solution but doesn’t travel so well. If my laptop isn’t to hand, I can’t check it. Plus, visually it sucks.

My second attempt was 37signals’ Ta-Da list. This is a bit more comprehensive – I can create and check off tasks, plus I can view it on my iPhone. However, it does require extra maintenance. I have a list called “Daily Tasks” and I have stuff in there that doesn’t get done but gets pushed back a week or two so I don’t feel alright about checking it off. Additionally, I have tasks that repeat every day so if I check them off as “Done”, I have to drag them “back to life” the following day.

I asked the question on Programmer’s Stack Exchange and got a few interesting alternatives, none of which scratched my itch (the question has been closed because of duplicity).

The whole process got me thinking: as a programmer in a startup, my life tasks and work tasks are rarely mutually exclusive. I could have to code until 10pm and, as a result, do my shopping at 4pm because I have a late meeting at 5:30pm. There doesn’t seem to be any intelligent personal organiser out there for startup programmers. Watch this space…

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