The solution to organising my life and work tasks: TeuxDeux

In a previous post I explained how I required an application which helped organise my life in both a personal and professional sense. I’m glad to announce that I think I’ve found an almost perfect solution in the form of TeuxDeux.

TeuxDeux is a simple app where you create tasks for a given day. Tasks that you don’t complete roll over into the next day. A handy feature is the ability to create tasks scheduled for ‘Someday’ which is useful when something needs to get done but doesn’t have a time constraint (so far I’ve used it for blog post ideas).

Perhaps the best aspect of the application is that it’s so simple to use and it presents your tasks in a clear, concise manner. Its often easy to confuse simplicity with clarity and I think the team behind TeuxDeux got things just right. I love the simple yet bold design – the user doesn’t have to suffer poor visuals in trade for functionality.

Interestingly, when I compare it to other applications I find that it excels by doing less. You can’t prioritise tasks, create recurring or scheduled tasks (though the last one would be useful) and you can’t share tasklists with friends. Instead, TeuxDeux basically looks after “what needs to be done, and when” – whether that be buying your girlfriend a birthday card or setting up a test server.

TeuxDeux is free to use on the web and the iPhone app will set you back about two yoyo’s in the App Store – I highly recommend you check it out.

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